JOHN HAKON (Joshua Gray) is the young leader of a specialized research team at Petrocore, a global energy company.  He has spearheaded the use of new technology in energy exploration, and has since discovered an uncharted area in the High Arctic for drilling.

John and his seasoned second-in-command, DES O'BRIEN (Greg Mays) are assigned to journey to the region to validate their predictions.  Beyond the goals of Petrocore, they hope to drive new academic discoveries through their research.  Their focus on research over business value has driven conflicts within their group, not least with their top bosses ELKIND (Lara Kirschbaum) and BURKE (Alex Romashov).  If successful, their discovery could forward scientific research and give Petrocore a critical edge over the competition.  If not, there is more at stake than their jobs...

Tensions rise between John and Des as they realize Petrocore's support for their effort is dwindling...and there's no way back.  Despite the harsh conditions, they encounter threatening elements of the Russian military (Alex Dagg), along with a mysterious, ragged group that has managed to settle in the area.

KAVIK (Tanji), the leader of this group, has been successfully fighting the Russians with limited resources.  As John and Des approach their target area, they are unwittingly coming deeper into Kavik's sphere and a danger they can't comprehend...



General Admission: $20

Limited Run - July 19-21 2018 at 7 PM

No tickets will be sold at the door.